Golden Dynasty (UK) Completes Acquisition Of An Australian Company

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited (UK # 9375553) announced today that its acquisition of Hi-Rock International Investment In Mineral Resources Private Limited (Australia # 164833256) is now complete. 

The acquisition brings a whole new business spectrum for Golden Dynasty, ranging from exclusive mining rights and mineral resources import/exports. Hi-Rock International is considered to be one of the largest private mineral resources trading firms in Australia, with a registered capital of 100 millions. 

In 2014, Hi-Rock International achieved an annul gross profit of 39 millions. 

“We welcome Hi-Rock International to Golden Dynasty’s worldwide operation and share their vision of seeing our North Korea gold mining project becoming a large, responsibly-operated mine!” said Peter Burslem, Golden Dynasty’s President and CEO. 

Under the terms of the transaction, Golden Dynasty acquired 100% of all the outstanding shares of Hi-Rock International for an undisclosed amount of 80% cash and 20% stock options. With completion of the transaction, Golden Dynasty is expected to be officially regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) with effect from the close of trading on August 19, 2015. 

Investors are welcoming the acquisition process which shall successfully expand the global footprint of Golden Dynasty’s network, together with more precise regulatory monitoring which now spans from UK to Australia. 

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited is a global asset management firm which specializes in bullion investments. Our investment portfolio consists of physical gold transactions, trading gold in futures exchanges around the world and gold mining projects. 

Golden Dynasty Resources Limited promises to bring the highest profit margin to our investors by creating a full fledged gold investment cycle starting from the mining source. Nevertheless, our portfolio is much more precised with pin point profit target, with relatively lower risk compared to our investors.

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