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Sydney, AU – On August 17 2015, aMagic launched a Kickstarter campaign for MagCable, the true next generation in smart charging. aMagic discovered through comprehensive research that size was an important requirement for both functional charging and attractive appearance. They found that a size of 14.9mm with Neodymium iron magnet is the right combination in a smart charging solution.

“After comparing various charging cable solutions in the existing market, investigating customers’ satisfaction with existing products, and researching customers’ expectations of future products, we concluded that a magnetic cable must be the better solution,” aMagic shares, “Next, we performed numerous tests along with thorough customer feedback investigations. Ultimately, the idea of MagCable was born.”

MagCable can be used in charging and data reading simultaneously for Android and iPhone devices and can output electric current in either fast or normal mode. Using high quality copper materials, MagCable provides a fast charging speed of up to 2400mA – twice faster than the normal cables you’ve tried! It can charge a wide range of devices, such as Samsung, iPhone, Google, HTC, LG, cameras, and more. Humanized design for MagCable’s connector ensures perfect connectivity with devices at your convenient use. The double sided USB plug and reversible charging feature means that MagCable makes properly connecting to your mobile phone easier than ever. 

“Is charging your mobile phone killing your time and causing you grief? MagCable is the solution to charge your mobile phone without hassles!” says the team at aMagic, “MagCable can give you the opportunity to charge your phone without distressing about fraying or snapping off of the cord. MagCable is the sole charging cord with an ‘instant fast charging switch’ feature. This gives MagCable a unique position among all other charging solution providers.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one Mag-extension cable with a MagCable lightning adaptor for approximately $11 USD, two MagCables with two MagCable lightnight adaptors or micro USB adaptors for $29, and more!    

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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