The Real Estate Investors Association of NYC Provides Useful Help And Resources To All Members Regarding Real Estate Investment and Personal Finance Knowledge At Their September 9th Relaunching Party

If anyone is looking for a place to connect, create, and collaborate on issues regarding the real estate market and personal finance and investment, they need to go no further than the Real Estate Investor Association of NYC (REIA NYC). As they relaunch their brand and website, the REIA NYC is more about membership and helping members than ever before.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, founder of REIA NYC and successful real estate lawyer, invites everyone to attend the Real Estate Investors Association of NYC’s relaunching and networking party. “This party is the perfect opportunity to meet and engage with REIA NYC members, as well as to hone your own networking and investment skills.”

REIA NYC believes “real estate is the safest and surest way to financial security, residual income creates freedom, and that real wealth begins as knowledge before it appears as money.” They encourage all members to learn and share their knowledge with one another as much as possible, and to positively contribute to the communities and economics that each member influences through his or her real estate purchases.

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The relaunch and networking party will not only provide a time to network and gain personal skills, but will also showcase keynote speakers and will introduce attendees to several of REIA NYC’s corporate partners. With skill building incorporated throughout the event, this relaunching party is the place to be for anyone who is looking to improve their personal finance and real estate investment skills and knowledge.

About the Real Estate Investment Association NYC Chapter:

Created just seven years back and thriving, REIA NYC is one of the largest and most helpful organizations that encourage individual investors to gain financial freedom. Dr. Teresa R. Martin founded REIA NYC with her legal, personal finance and real estate investment skills to help others achieve their financial dreams.

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