New AnyFlip Mac 1.3.5 is Released to Create Flipping Book for Mac

Conversion of PDF to flipping book for Mac by AnyFlip just became a lot easier and cheaper.

AnyFlip’s CEO Jason Chen proudly announced the release of AnyFlip Mac 1.3.5 which converts PDFs to the more conveniently editable and shareable flipping book for Mac. Prompted by the need for a better version and more affordable prices due to its popularity AnyFlip team has created a new Mac version that not only meets the abovementioned needs but also adds come with better cloud storage and improved page editor.

Newly released AnyFlip Mac 1.3.5 is bound to make creation of flipping book for Mac a lot easier due to the following of its new and improved features:

i. Upgraded Cloud Service: With AnyFlip’s cloud service there’s no need for publishers to send PDF files directly. Just the URL to the flipping book can be sent instead. With this upgraded cloud service now the flipping books for Mac can be uploaded and shared without any hassle. Not to mention that flipping books for Mac can be shared in a variety of formats to all the different kinds of devices for offline reading too.

ii. Improved Page Editor: Features for page editor have been improved and the errors fixed. With the premium page editing features, people can create rich media content of flipping books like videos, audio, images, hotspot, shape, flash, text and button very easily. Moreover, multimedia objects and video files can be integrated into the flipping book for Mac in a simple way.

iii. Fixed Errors: Several of the minor errors which posed problems to some of the users have been fixed.

Flipping books offers advantages over and above PDF from which it is converted. This is so not only because it has the convenience and the utility of a PDF but flipping book is also more conveniently editable – with the multiple languages support and the options to simultaneously convert several PDFs at the same time or make flipping book magazines out of them, the flipping book is a brilliant idea. It is more easily sharable and recognized by Google for Search Engine optimization, all of which are not easy for PDF. What’s more, flipping book is available for both Mac and Windows.

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