Philip. K launched EleUke, a Bluetooth equipped electric Ukulele

China – On August 12 2015, Philip. K launched a new Indiegogo campaign for EleUke, an electric Ukulele equipped with Bluetooth, targeted towards guitar and Ukulele lovers. A uniquely designed instrument enables wireless connection between smart phone and an EleUke using bluetooth which can be used to enjoy karaoke play along with practicing or live performances.

“Creating EleUke is like dream project for me. I am playing with musical instruments since my school days and I know importance of this instrument. It will prove as a boon to guitar lovers and those who want to try new things with their Ukulele.” Said Philip. K, a musical instrument designer with more than 20 years of experience in the respective field.

Made up of solid wood and carpentered with CNC machine, EleUke has one more variation made up of plastic injection mould technique, priced lower than the wood body. Bluetooth EleUke has similar concept as traditional electric guitar but has different function with earphone output so that one can play or practice without bothering anybody in night time.

EleUke, a newly designed instrument works best when connected with a smart phone using bluetooth. All the operations of Bluetooth EleUke like start & stop, volume turn up & down of a track etc. can be controlled using a smart phone. Furthermore, its volume & tone can be controlled by using independent knobs on EleUke. The instrument comes with 3.7V 500mA rechargeable battery that can be charged with the help of an USB cable of smart phone charger.

Bluetooth module installed in EleUke automatically turns on when 1/4” jack or earphone jack is plugged in and becomes ready to connect with smart phone, which needs to connect with EleUke’s bluetooth by pairing both the devices.

Born and raised in Korea, Philip. K is a well-known inventor and designer for acoustic musical instruments. He has already launched and successfully completed another Indiegogo campaign for BugsGear brand soprano & concert size plastic Ukulele. “We are planning to distribute this EleUke in the world with the help of premium distributors in each country. The price will be finalized very soon and the product will be available for purchase in Nov 2015”. Says the creator.

The campaign will be running until Saturday, October 10 2015, aimed at $20000 USD. Backers can pledge from as little as $15 up to $340. In exchange for pledging to the campaign, backers will get different rewards as per their contribution with increasing perks.

To find more information about EleUke, a Bluetooth equipped electric Ukulele, visit creator’s official Indiegogo page or contact him below.

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