Many California Residents Use Debt Consolidation Loans To Get Relief From Crushing Debts is a popular consumer favorite resource connecting debt-burdened consumers with debt consolidation programs to help people get back on the road to financial health and stress-free living.

New Brunswick, NJ – With the high price of just about everything from health care costs, gasoline, college tuition, food and more it is no wonder that extraordinary numbers of Americans find themselves buried in unmanageable debt. For many people, including California residents, the best answer depending on a person’s individual situation may be as a debt consolidation loan.

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Even though Wall Street pundits claim we have a growing economy, which is an idea they continue to promote despite the recent extreme worldwide stock market turmoil, life on Main Street is very different from life on Wall Street. In fact, while the various stock indexes have soared in a number of bubble type ascents since the 1980’s, in the same period real wages have been stagnant and job growth has been mostly anemic. And, of course there were a couple of historic stock market crashes along the way most recently in 2008, 2000 and 1987. So, all in all, despite misleading signals from Wall Street, consumers burdened with relentlessly higher prices have gone deeper and deeper into debt. For many folks a debt consolidation can work wonders to get those with burdensome debts back on track, see here for more information

Here are some alarmed debt statistics: The average U.S. household has 13 credit cards and there are 1.3 billion payment credit cards in existence in the USA. On average, U.S. residents have an average $5,800 in credit card debt from month to month as of a few years ago. For the year ending December 31, 2014 approximately 1, 236,000 filed personal bankruptcy in the United States

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According to Wikipedia, “Household debt as a % of disposable income rose from 68% in 1980 to a peak of 128% in 2007, prior to dropping to 112% by 2011.” It’s about 105% today. Those figures are a small glimpse of the precarious, ugly nature of the current personal debt picture for American families. But, many folks are getting proactive about easing the financial strains of high personal debt.

On the one hand consumers are exhorted to save more by financial experts and then in the next breadth they are encouraged to spend more. After all, part of the Federal Reserve theory is that a rising stock market makes people feel wealthier and then they will spend more thereby boosting the economy. One problem with that theory is that most people who are broke and buried in debt usually are not sitting with a portfolio of stocks. So, they don’t have a rising stock portfolio to either make them feel good about the own personal wealth, or to sell to pay down debt. There are lots of mixed signals and competing interests doling out advice these days.

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