AnyFlip Page Flip Software Gives Digital Content A Competitive Edge

On the surface, the marketing industry seems to be changing rapidly. To some extent, it is true. No other industry adapts to new technologies as quickly as marketing, and that’s because of the nature of this industry. Innovation and speed are the key drivers in this field.

But underneath this fast-paced industry lies two things: Content and Presentation. At the core of every good marketing campaign is presentation to attract everyone’s attention and content to keep them interested. These two factors are dependent on each other. Without good presentation, good content would never catch on, and without good content, the marketing is shallow and ineffective.

Marketers claim that content-driven marketing is dead, and while it may not be suitable sometimes, the fact is that content-driven marketing is still an effective and lead-generating marketing technique.

AnyFlip understands the need of effective presentation in a marketing campaign, and in lieu of this vision, makes an interactive content-publishing platform that is bound to make any content shine.

In a nutshell, AnyFlip turns any content into an interactive digital flipbook with realistic flipping effects. Due to its simplicity, marketers get touch-friendly digital magazines that are easily customizable and easily embeddable. It is page flip software at its core, but it is also so much more than that.

AnyFlip supports both old and new technologies, in order to foster innovation while not leaving legacy software behind. It supports both Flash and HTML5, and these flipbooks have a myriad of options for customization. On one hand, marketers can make a magazine within minutes, with a simple PDF file being converted into a flipbook by AnyFlip. On the other hand, it also caters to power users, with every aspect of these flipbooks can be customized as per marketer’s requirements. Audios, videos and flash animations can be embedded in these flipbooks, giving marketers even more ways to engage with customers. Digital flipbooks give marketers what they never had before: Interactive marketing.

Online storage is unlimited and makes it easier for marketers to backup their work, with an option for either hosting online or downloading locally. Once done, these flipbooks can be viewed on virtually any device. AnyFlip covers every aspect of the marketing chain, from the creation to the promotion and observation, with its advanced creative, promotional and analytical tools. It also has inbuilt subscription management tools for publishers to increase their revenue stream. It integrates with a wide variety of services like WordPress and Google Analytics, making it infinitely expandable.

Their simplicity, their slick animations and wide-compatibility make AnyFlip an excellent choice for marketers trying to present their content in the best way possible. A testament to AnyFlip’s effectiveness is the fact that big names like Dell, Airbnb and Evernote use its software, along with over 217,000 publishers around the world.

I love this program and the things you can do with it are amazing. Would recommend this program to anyone,” says Matt.

Marketers wishing to know more about this page flip software program may visit their website, where they can also sign up for the base service for free. Those looking to invest into this software may contact AnyFlip at

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