Experts Discuss The Growing Popularity of Solar Power Is Rapidly Increasing in California

It is now easy to install solar panels for the average home, and professional installers will inspect any home before scheduling an install.
Solar power has become more than an option in many parts of California – it is part of the infrastructure strategy in parts of the United Kingdom and in the United States.

There is a movement by property owners who are interested in the technology, savings and clean energy opportunities that solar power offers the residential market.

The History of Solar Power

When solar power first reclaimed its position in the clean energy conversation, it was mostly framed as a choice that corporations could make to bolster their green or sustainable energy policies.  For the residential market, the solar panels were certainly available and affordable, but there were so many limitations around battery technology to store the energy that it did not make sense to invest in the infrastructure.

Improvements in Solar Power

However, over the next few decades, battery technology vastly improved.  The opportunity to use cost-effective solar panels to collect solar energy, even in the residential market, then store that energy collected in a battery that is safe and affordable, can make the investment in solar not only logical, but a true financial windfall for many property owners.

For those homeowners who are concerned about the level of construction that is required to accommodate the battery and the solar installation, there  is new technology that should set those fears at ease.  The horror stories of permanent roof damage, structural issues and other dramatic problems with installations have been overcome. It is now easy to install solar panels for the average home, and professional installers will inspect any home before scheduling an install.

The combination of improved battery technology, with increases in the amount of sensitivity each solar panel has, means there are no more worries about cloudy or rainy days with no power!  While the amount of power may not be as significant under these weather conditions, it is still usable power and can be stored just like the power gathered on sunny days.

Solar Power leads to Savings

The potential savings available to the average homeowner who installs solar power is significant.  In some localities and states, property owners are able to leverage tax credits and incentives to install solar power. The credit system varies based on location, but an experienced and professional solar power company can advise a homeowner on the possibilities and processes.  Also, for the homeowner who is not interested in storing energy gathered in a battery, but might like to sell power back to other property owners, there is a concept called “net metering”. This process allows the solar energy gathered when the homeowner is away, and not drawing power, to be re-sold by the power company.  The credits received by the homeowner for this sale of energy offsets the amount of energy being drawn from the power company, and the net is what the customer is billed.


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