Educational Web Series “Tea Time Monkeys” Teaches Children In English and Spanish

“Tea Time Monkeys” is a fun, educational program being developed for the web by show creators Sarah Jeffery and Alex Couceiro. The engaging web series will showcase two puppet monkeys Flip and Flop as they teach children about basic concepts in math, language, and nature. The series will include sketches in English and Spanish, allowing children from cultures around the world to enjoy the delightful adventures of Flip and Flop as they cavort, sing and explore. In addition to the web videos, the production team has also created downloadable worksheets to accompany each episode.

To produce this charming new web program, the production company Hummingbird Stories Production must acquire the funds necessary to reserve studio time, purchase recording equipment, build sets, create songs and digital animation, and hire a production crew. The producers estimate that they will require €12,000 to begin producing “Tea Time Monkeys.” To view the first episode of “Tea Time Monkeys,” please follow this link

Hummingbird Stories Production is eager to continue making new episodes of this popular new series, and it is currently seeking financial support from the public. With contributions from fans and supporters, “Tea Time Monkeys” can continue to entertain children and their families around world. “Tea Time Monkeys” is currently seeking financial support through a fundraising campaign on Financial contributors can receive various perks including “Tea Time Monkeys” T-shirts, glove puppets, personalized animation, and series credits for business. To learn more about “Tea Time Monkeys” or to make a donation to the fundraising campaign, please visit

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