Marketing Of America Announces The Opening Of A Public Relations Department

Since 2008 Marketing Of America has provided SEO, Social Media, and PPC management. Today they announced that they are opening a public relations division which will be referred to as MOA Public Relations Firm. For years Marketing Of America has been offering PR type services through their marketing already, so it isn’t much of a change for them.

Matthew Boley said his public relations firm stands out from others and he said “MOA’s personal approach is to not just take a job to take a job. They want to believe in who they are helping, help what they believe in, and make a difference.” Matthew also had another bold statement to add “They are a Christian marketing firm and will also approach public relations in the same manner. They are going to be very selective in who they work for.”

“They aren’t looking to help companies lie, stretch the truth, or make something that is bad look good. They are looking to help those who truly need help.” It sounds like Matthew and his team is going to be a niche based PR firm that will help specific companies which puts about 80% of the world into this category.

Matthew and his firm are currently expanding and is a good sign that what they are doing is working for businesses. Matthew has worked for few big companies already, they have helped SugarCRM, Shark Tank, HGR (the largest used industrial wholesaler), but not limited to these.

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