Wildcat Sage up for Best Lead Actor at Raindance

“Linnea Sage in Wildcats”
Breakout star of the hit online series up for prestigious award

Linnea Sage has been nominated Best Lead Actor by the Raindance Independent Series Awards for her performance in hit web series Wildcats.

Wildcats, the first five episodes of which are now online, tells of a cheerleader’s fall from grace.  Sage plays Allison, a varsity cheerleader struggling with her sexuality, who retells how she quit the team and what she discovered by doing so.

“There are teens in high schools all over America, just like Wallis Hills, who are realizing they’re different in the same ways Allison is, and they are trying to figure out if standing up for their beliefs and views and opinions is the right thing to do,” Sage said in a recent interview.

“Wildcats is here to tell them that they should go for it, and the worst that could happen probably isn’t that bad in the long run. It was really exciting to get to be a part of that opportunity. It’s about time that people (especially teens) of any age, sex, orientation, or lifestyle realize that being yourself is the best thing you could possibly be. It’s inevitable that kids reach an age where they realize they are different. Sometimes their community embraces it and it’s wonderful. There are many more times, in America and around the world, that these differences are met with hatred and confusion and bullying. There’s really no room for that in the short time that we have here. Sometimes, it’s hard to embrace differences because we may not understand them, but as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, we need to realize that differences advance humanity.”

The series has received widespread praise and press from such outlets as After Ellen. Former President Bill Clinton has even checked out the series!

The Rachel Puchkoff–created Wildcats has also been nominated as best international series, best directing (Puchkoff), best achievement in production (sound design) and Raindance discovery (Puchkoff). 

The Raindance awards take place September 27.

27-year-old Sage, whose other film and TV credits include The A Plate and Boxed In With You, is also one of the most reputable voiceover artists in America.

Watch “Wildcats” at www.catsgoingwild.com


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