AnyFlip PDF Flipbook Software Pushes Customer Experience With Fashion And Tech

The company now unveils how the PDF flipbook software positively impacts on customer experience while guaranteeing convenience, engagement, flexibility and sociability

It is beyond any doubt that flipbook is the future of E-books that evolved from standard portable document format to a whole new level of multimedia experience that engages the reader while pushing customer experience with fashion and tech. It shows great prospects in helping all types of modern businesses to get their products and services across the whole range of target market through effective marketing assisted by creative digital content. AnyFlip is in the frontier being one of the most popular flipbook software developers in the market that has released a series of PDF flipbook software with all modern features included.

“Since its first version launched, AnyFlip aimed to bring fashion and tech into business and push customer experience. Providing a good customer experience is the first step to turn customer service into profit,” says Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip. Looking at the current flipbook market and various flipbooks software available from different developers, it is clearly notable that AnyFlip is miles ahead its competitors attributed to its rich appearance, performance and features.


AnyFlip brings ultra-convenience to creating PDF flipbooks by allowing users to convert PDF into flipbooks which are directly viewable online. What it was thought to take hours and days now takes only minutes. With the help of AnyFlip, creating a PDF flipbook is an easy task.


Viewer engagement is definitely one of the most powerful features of AnyFlip flipbooks. They present high quality digital content integrating text, images, animations, videos and even sounds to deliver a unique viewing experience that actively engages the viewer.


PDF flipbooks are supported across a range of mobile devices from laptops to smartphones; therefore, AnyFlip is a great digital content marketing tool for various modern businesses. Since it supports almost all digital platforms it can reach an unlimited number of viewers directly without requiring third-party material.


Sharing PDF flipbooks among friends, peers, and interested target crowd through social media is now as easy as sharing a photo on Instagram. AnyFlip allows its users to share PDF flipbooks by simply posting a URL on Facebook or Twitter or by sending through Email and newsletter.

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