South Coast Counseling Explains How a Rehab Center can Help Patients Cope with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety attacks can occur when an individual is placed in public places.
Social anxiety is the persistent and irrational fear of social activities/situations.

An individual may fear humiliation, embarrassment or becoming subject to judgment and scrutiny by others. Social anxiety attacks can occur when an individual is placed in public places. Immense feelings of anxiety and panic are felt along with flushing, sweating, increased heart rate, lightheadedness, and trembling.

People suffering from social anxiety are at high risk of becoming addicted to different substances, and relying on alcohol becomes a tool for them to boost their confidence and feel better about themselves. To reduce the fear of inhabitation and social settings, alcohol and substance abuse becomes common.

How Rehab Centers can help:

Drug addiction usually gives birth to different kinds of psychological disorders including social anxiety.

Dealing with a psychological issue along with substance abuse requires professional care. For such individuals the most appropriate treatment can be recommended only by professionals at rehab centers who deal with the root of anxiety through different therapies and medications.


In case of substance abuse, the individual first has to go through a detoxification process. The treatments offered at rehab centers for social anxiety disorder include: Cognitive behavior therapy, psychotherapy, anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications.

Relaxation therapy: Mental relaxation is provided to reduce the frequency of negative feelings and anxiety attacks. A healthier and more positive state of mind is achieved through hypnosis and other relaxation techniques such as counseling, breathing exercises etc.

Rehab centers also train individuals for various skills of coping with everyday social stress.

Some of these coping skills include:

Stress management: Stress management training is provided through meditation, counting exercises, breathing, physical exercises, stress-relieving pressure points and other activities.

Social skills: Social skills like correcting behavior, reading and writing skills, interacting with large public gatherings and other stress causing triggers based on an individual, are controlled. Social skills also involve learning new skills as per the demand and wish of an individual.

Assertiveness Training: This training mostly involves building confidence. It projects around removing the feelings of anxiety and stress and focus more on personal abilities and strengths.

Other than that, at rehab centers the professionals allow the individual to roam around in an environment that is comfortable and where they can communicate without being hesitant. These activities not only help individuals to deal with social anxiety, but also help in recovering from substance abuse.

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