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With LED products witnessing newer heights, the grow lights from a maverick as Shenzhen Gehl Lamps Limited Company have taken the market by storm. Gehl-led.com is making news after the X300 series from the company is offering a host of benefits for all, unimaginable till date.

When it comes to maintaining high professional standards and technological services in the field of LED, there is simply no match to the Chinese enterprise called Shenzhen Gehl Lamps Limited Company. Dealing with research, design, production and sales of items, the company’s LED beads are a huge sensation in the market. It is for this reason the online portal; gehl-led.com is making waves after launching a series of popular led grow lights. The X300 full spectrum is the new brainchild of the company that has currently surpassed competitors, thanks to its innovative features.

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Unlike many others, the 300w led grow light (GE-G49A) of Chinese make boasts of a plush special reflector design. Despite the small size, its super intensity, split joint and ability to cover a large area are what accounts for its growing popularity. Though the company has been a pioneer in launching many other grow lights, the led grow light reviews about this series stands testimony to the sensation it is.

Aside some mindboggling features like unique modular design, double switch availability for vegetating and blooming purposes, double chips 5 watts LEDs, basic 6-bands and interior LED module, the grow lights can be used individually or in combination with some bigger light. Besides, these lights procured from the renowned LED Grow Lights Manufacturer eject no less than 10% extra illumination than its competitors, owing to its X-lenses and 90 degree beam angle reflectors.

Site officials have high hopes on their production. One of them recently said, “You need to use the X300 series to assess its capability. Not only does it help you save your hard earned money but its prolonged lifetime of 50000h is a reality, no matter how difficult it might be to believe. Also our customization option means you can select the ideal spectrum for your need. Visit our site and take  a look at the images shown. That way you can make your choice faster and more conveniently.”

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Shenzhen Gehl Lamps Limited Company is a recognized Chinese unit known worldwide. Gehl-led.com helps browsers find the apt choice for their need combining looks with technical prowess.

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