STOP IRAN RALLY: Bipartisan Senators, Brave Veterans, Victims of Terror: ‘No to Iran’

NEW YORK, NY – August 28, 2015 – In what is shaping up to be a landmark political event, a group of bipartisan political leaders, brave American veterans and victims of Iranian terror will be gathering in front of New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office to deliver their message to her personally:

Gillibrand: Don’t Surrender America, Join Senator Chuck Schumer to Oppose this Bad Deal.”

At the rally, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, retired Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman and former CIA Director James Woolsey, who served under Republicans and Democrats, will deliver new foreign policy information that they believe could influence Senator Gillibrand to change her position on the deal.

The speaker roster includes veterans of Iranian combat, survivors of Iranian terror attacks and experts on the foiled Iranian “Green Revolution,” where nascent democratic voices were silenced by Iranian regime sniper fire, highlighting the violent nature of that regime and the vicious human rights abuses that cut to the core of the news that will be presented to accredited media on Tuesday.

National talk radio hosts David Webb, Mike Gallagher and Kevin McCullough, who have been addressing the issues on air of Iran’s deplorable human rights record and their actions to stifle the voice of the Iranian people, will also participate in the event.

“How dare America strike a deal with these monsters without Tehran moving one finger to atone for their evil ways,” said Richard Allen, a Stop Iran Rally Coalition activist. “Iran has American journalists and scores of political dissidents in their prisons, they ply Hezbollah, Hamas and Yemen with guns and rockets to kill our allies and they brutally murder their own people when they don’t like the election results. America has forgotten what happened in 2009, when there was a chance that the Iranian people could overcome their oppressive leaders, but we blew it by not supporting regime change.”

“Where our White House is bathed in the rainbow lights of Gay Pride, downtown Tehran is dotted with building cranes the Ayatollahs use to hang homosexuals by the dozen,” said activist and coalition member Jeffrey Wiesenfeld. “Americans of good conscience cannot enter into a deal with these surrender terms, shaking hands in agreement with remorseless dictators. We must get tough with Tehran, or they will get tough with us.”

Confirmed speakers to include:

Rob Astorino – Westchester County Executive

Robert Bartlett – US Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bartlett, Retired, gravely injured by an Iranian bomb in 2005, recipient of 12 military awards including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart

Mike Gallagher – Radio Host from 970 AM The Answer

Senator Lindsey Graham – Third-Term Republican Senator, Congressman, Retired Air Force Reserve Colonel

Jesse Hamilton – New York State Democratic Senator

Michael Leeden – Historian, Expert on Iran’s failed 2009 Green Revolution, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Senator Joe Lieberman – Chairman of United Against Nuclear Iran, Former Democratic and Independent Senator, serving from 1989 to 2013

Kevin McCullough – Radio Host from WMCA and 970 The Answer

Daniel Miller – Victim of an Iranian-financed terror attack by Hamas in Jerusalem who then sued the Islamic Republic of Iran in US courts

Rebecca Yousefzadeh Sassouni – Iranian-American lawyer and activist whose family was forced to flee Iran

Sami Steigmann – Child survivor of experiments, abuse and torture at the hands of Nazi doctors at labor camp in Mogilev Podolski, Ukraine, during World War II

Ken Stethem – Former US Navy SEAL whose brother Robert Stethem, also a Navy Seal, was kidnapped, along with 39 other passengers on TWA Flight 847, then tortured and shot by Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah

David Webb – Radio Host, Sirius XM Patriot Ch 25

James Woolsey – Former Director of the CIA under Democrat and Republican presidents, and Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Protesters will line the street in front of Senator Gillibrand’s New York office, at 780 Third Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets. The rally will be from 5:30PM to 7:30PM.

The rally is being organized by the volunteers at the Stop Iran Rally Coalition.


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