Miley Cyrus goes undercover a la Nellie Bly on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Miley Cyrus goes undercover Nellie Bly style for Jimmy Kimmel Live! comedy piece.”
The upcoming VMAs host and young pop star posed as Australian journalist Janet to do some hard-investigation.

Miley Cyrus recently hit the streets of Hollywood Boulevard a la Nellie Bly as an undercover reporter for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Dressed in a conservative grey outfit and book-worm glasses, Cyrus spoke in a Liam Hemsworth Australian accent and interviewed people about their opinion on, who else, Miley Cyrus.

Being the controversial figure she is Cyrus was of course bound to run into a few haters. One man said that she’s “starving for attention, and that’s why she’s doing it all crazy like that. She’s missing something somewhere.” Cyrus quickly jumped in, “in her heart, probably. In her deep soul.” When she asked another man to look at the camera and give the young musician some advice, he responded by saying “the whole fabric of America is falling apart and she’s not doing anything to keep it together.” 

“Absolutely,” Cyrus agreed.

Cyrus continued to get bashed on by strangers but the piece doesn’t end until she convinces a young woman to twerk with her. It’s clear that Cyrus, like Drake, who also went undercover for Kimmel previously, had a good time and just rolled with the punches.

With her Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment, Miley Cyrus is following in the footsteps of the first undercover reporter of all time, Nellie Bly, whose original undercover reporting story 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE is a new feature film coming to Theaters November 20th.

“If Nellie Bly were alive today she would Love Miley Cyrus,” states the film’s producer Susan Goforth. “Like Nellie Bly, Cyrus is a strong courageous woman who, via her art and charity work, inspires millions of people.”

In 1887, Nellie Bly made history by faking madness in order to be committed into a New York City mental hospital. She went on to write about her journey in a book titled Ten Days In A Mad-house that paved the way for all future investigative journalists, including Cyrus.

“Miley Cyrus is a modern-day Nellie Bly in that, like Bly, Cyrus devotes much of her time contributing to the well-being of others,” adds film director Timothy Hines. “Nellie Bly gave her money to orphans and orphanages and was one of the first reporters to bring light to the conditions of the homeless and poor. Cyrus recently formed The Happy Hippy Foundation, a charity to support homeless and LGBT youth.

“Cyrus also supports dozens of worthy charities including the Red Cross, Amnesty International and St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Last year Cyrus contributed a half million dollars to the American Foundation for AIDS Research annual auction. Nellie Bly would be proud.”

10 Days In A Madhouse – The Nellie Bly Story starring Caroline Barry, whose performance has been gaining acclaim at festivals such as Cannes and Geena Davi’s Bentonville Film Festival celbrating Women and Diversity, Christopher Lambert (Highlander, Mortal Kombat), Kelly Le Brock (Weird Science) and Julia Chantrey (Mama, Mean Girls) opens in US theaters on November 20th, an opening day chosen to support Oscar nomination.

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