Horacio Printing Founder Advocates Analogue Planning Tools With New Products

Polly Payne, the founder of Horacio Printing, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a new series of analogue planning tools.

According to Polly Payne, founder of Horacio Printing of New York City, analogue planners have largely been ignored in the face of new digital apps and software, but many people actually prefer to hold a planning book in their hands and write their dreams, bucket lists, memos and other important information.  Her 2015 Horacio Planner has sold out its first run, and with the launch of her Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, she hopes to raise money for a second 2016 production to meet growing demand.

“My dreams and intentions were falling through the cracks with my busy and distracted lifestyle,” notes Payne, whose products are named for the timekeeper in Shakespeare’s Hamlet as well as the name of the street in the West Village that Payne lived on while building the original version.  “While I do use certain digital apps such as Google calendar for work appointments and scheduling, planning my personal goals, dreams, desires and activities is too often overlooked with standalone software programs.  When I tell people about my planner I typically get a lot of feedback to create a digital copy, but when do people really look at their Outlook calendars and dream plan? I truly believe in the power of pen and paper and the importance of writing out your goals, dreams, distractions and passions.”

Horacio Printing’s mission is to let people refocus and have some unplugged weekly “me time,” according to the owner.  She says, “I believe as humans we are full of imagination and potential and alone time weekly is critical to organize our intentions. I learned that to build a dream into a reality I first needed to recognize my distractions in order to build my exit strategy from them.”  Payne’s planner is faith-based and contains the typical planner functions of a weekly and monthly layout, but also includes unique exercises like generosity planning.

“I believe that we are blessed and called to live for and serve others. I think that planners are typically a ‘me-focused’ item. I wanted my planner to help people be intentional for others. Our exercises will help make time and budget your resources, while giving encouragement to live more intentionally.”

Her Kickstarter campaign, located at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/853621195/the-best-is-yet-to-come-2016-daily-planner, seeks to raise money for a second production run of the upcoming “The Best Is Yet To Come” planning books.  Pledge levels range from $5 to $1,750 and prizes range from copies of the planner to posters and even a free flight to New York for a Hillsong concert and conference.  

For more information, contact Polly at hi@horacioprinting.com or 334-663-7207 or see the Kickstarter page.


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