DIY Website Builder Announces Solutions for Individuals and Small Businesses

AUSTIN,TX – August 28, 2015 – DIY Website Builder is proud to announce a free resource hub for individuals and small businesses to create, build, optimize, and monetize their website.

“The goal of DIY Website Builder is to bring present and prospective website owners a one stop location to find all relevant information and resources needed for their websites without purchasing subscriptions or hiring someone.” Says Alexander King, Founder and Creator of DIY Website Builder. “The economy has been tough on individuals and small businesses, so I thought it would be a great idea to help people out by starting this website.”

King decided to create DIY Website Builder after spending many years assisting his employers and others with website building. His experience helping others in combination with his extensive research on website building, SEO, analytics and monetization inspired him to create a forum to give back his knowledge to the world.

He says, “I have done endless research into all of these topics, and my research does not stop. I find that sifting through all of the information available on the Internet can be time consuming and frustrating. By consolidating my research efforts into one website, I hope to save readers time and frustration by offering them honest reviews.” 

DIY Website Builder has a topic for everyone. There are specific sections for domains, promotion, analytics, web hosting, and even topics on GoDaddy and WordPress. Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of his website is the in-depth play-by-play Alexander provides on proper referrals to increase analytics versus improper spam referrals. This topic, in particular, is helpful for those considering making cheap purchases on websites like Fiverr, freelancer, and people per hour without a deep understanding of how these purchases can harm a website’s ranking in Google.

Additionally, King’s DIY Website Builder provides a forum for visitors to discuss website questions and issues. He encourages feedback and suggestions from individuals and small businesses and is always ready to discuss new topics.

“This is a service I am pleased to provide to communities. I just want to see people enjoy the material, learn, and flourish as a result,” King says.

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