Treatment Experts Explain How To Become Empowered with Information and Education

When someone chooses to recreate themselves, it doesn’t happen overnight.
Knowledge can empower anyone who’s willing to learn. With the right information and proper tools, leaving the rehabilitation center after successfully completing treatment won’t be as frightening.

When someone chooses to recreate themselves, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication for someone to work towards the person they want to become. Information and education are two significant keys to creating a successful life.

When someone is recovering from addiction there will be many decisions to make after treatment is over. The possibilities are endless, though they may not seem that way. Sometimes in order for someone to rebuild confidence, they must educate themselves. Knowing the steps that need to be taken in order for a person to accomplish their goals can encourage them once they realize that their dream is completely attainable.

Life after rehab. 60% of people relapse after treatment for drug abuse and 90% of people abusing alcohol deviate back to it. Why is this? Often times throughout the recovery process there is a lack of information given on how to transition back into the real world. If an individual is to remain sober and abstain from narcotics, treatment mustn’t end after the recovery program is over. Treatment programs should educate their clients and provide tools and strategies for life after rehab.

Discipline. This is important when transitioning back into the real world. During a treatment program there is plenty of discipline, so to leave and discontinue this form of living altogether can lead to relapse. Creating a schedule to stick by involving daily activities, plenty of exercise, and weekly meetings with a support group will help encourage sober living.

Gender differences in maintaining sobriety. There have been studies on men and women regarding life after rehab. 33% of men reported substance use after treatment, yet only 21% of women reported substance use after treatment. Why the difference? It’s possible that women find great comradery within support groups, or maybe the greater pressure to become sober due to social pressures and stigma. Regardless of the differences, both men and women should get involved in support groups and work to maintain motivation.

Like the late Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is Power.”


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