Focus Features of iPhone 6S – Force Touch but Shorter Battery Life?

Several rumored features of iPhone 6S have been revealed, let’s see the hot discussions on the newly used Force Touch technology and the battery life in dispute.

Apple is about to unveil its next-generation iPhone around September 9, 2015, which has been widely concerning all around the world.

Up to now, numerous spy photos and rumored features of new iPhone have been exposed in advance by mysterious netizens. Named iPhone 6S, the new iPhone is said to have little change of appearance, only coming tiny adjustment of thickness and added Rose Gold color. However, little change on seeming, huge changes inside. For example, A9 processor and improved 12-megapixel camera are said to be carried in 6S. But the most attractive and impressive feature most people look forward to may be the Force Touch – the newest technology of Apple Inc this year. And everyone cares about the change of battery, after all, short battery life is always the major weakness of iPhones.

Originally announced as the key feature for Apple Watch, Force Touch can now also be found in the latest MacBook and even would be carried by new iPhone 6S. It is a feature that senses the level of force exerted on a touchpad surface, and responds accordingly. Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the display to distinguish between taps and harder presses, and then provides a specific action or contextually specific controls based on the force of the input. The pressure-sensitive technology allows users to trigger a range of controls through varying levels of force. The software that manages the Force Touch feature can, for example, play a Quicktime video faster on the screen if the user presses harder than a light tap, which would play the video at regular speed. And in Maps, you may be able to Force Touch a location to immediately begin turn-by-turn navigation.

Apple Inc has already indicated that the Force Touch is a revolutionary pressure sensing design after Multi-Touch. First carried by phone, it is expected to improve user experience much more. And it is believed that with Force Touch iPhone would be futher ahead of other competitors.

Some rumored news before showed that the new logic board and module of iPhone 6S may set up in places different from where they were before to create more space for bigger battery with longer life. However, the latest news disclosed by some insiders indicates that the battery capacity of iPhone 6S would be only 1715mAh and iPhone 6S Plus 2750mAh, actually with no growth but decrease. (iPhone 6=1810mAh, iPhone 6 Plus=2910mAh)

Though A9 chip and updated iOS9 would try to make the battery last longer, capacity decrease of iPhone 6S will still influence much. We would need a power bank to keep iPhone 6S powerful all day long as before, otherwise there would be many troubles arising from its power off. Nowadays, Smart power bank is more suitable for iPhone 6S because Build-in Smart Technology in the power bank can automatically identify the type of device and output the suitable electric current for your device. So the charging performance of smart power bank is just perfect like the original power adapter. That is to say, smart power bank makes charging not only easier but faster, and provides more protection for your iPhone. One of the best 10 power banks in Germany, named EasyAcc Power Bank PB10000CF, is the representative of smart power banks. And it can even charge the new MacBook. Now people in other countries can also buy it on Amazon. It would be a good choice to use the smart power bank to cover the shortage of new iPhone so that we can enjoy it preferably.

Apple always makes life with phone easier and easier. It would be perfect if the battery life of new iPhone is longer! But, If not, it doesn’t matter either, because with smart power bank the battery can be charged anytime. It won’t be a long time before the release of iPhone 6S, but never just wait the final announcement from Apple! It is worth to participate in such an activity as soon as possible: win for iPhone 6S giveaway, if lucky enough you will win a free iPhone 6S and you can experience the superb functions in it soon. Good luck to you!

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