Ride Fosjoas Electric Scooter to Enjoy Cool Sea Breezes

Many people are willing to go seaside and enjoy cool sea breezes. Here comes a question: how can they go to the seaside? Driving a car may be stuck by the traffic congestion on the halfway, while riding a bike is a little toilsome. But now, there is a big savior and its name is Fosjoas electric scooter.


Seaside is one of romantic dating sites. Many young lovers are willing to go there and enjoy cool sea breezes, especially in hot summer. Here comes a question: how can they go to the seaside? Driving a car or riding a bike? The former may be stuck by traffic congestion on the halfway. The latter is a little toilsome. After all, people must be in no mood to enjoy the breezes if riding an hour to the seaside. But now, there is a big savior and its name is Fosjoas electric scooter, which can take people to the seaside without any efforts and let them enjoy the cool breezes happily. 

The front and back self-balancing of Fosjoas self-balancing electric scooters is based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Then, riders can realize different operations, including moving forward, accelerating, decelerating and braking, through changing their body states. In terms of left and right self-balancing, it can be finished by turning the body. Compared with bicycle, riding Fosjoas electric scooters is really fun and relaxing. All of Fosjoas electric scooters are equipped with advanced Japan-made SONY and Panasonic batteries. Besides longer service life, their large capacities pave the way for longer range. Generally speaking, the maximum range of single-wheeled and twin-wheeled electric scooters is 23km, while that of two-wheeled and K3 reaches 50km. Therefore, the range of Fosjoas electric scooters is long enough to go to seaside.


Fosjoas V9, K3 and U3 are equipped with the function of playing music. During the riding course, riders can listen to their favorite music, which makes the journey more pleasant. All in all, Fosjoas electric scooter is not only a short-distance alternative, but also a means of entertainment. In this summer, go to the beautiful seaside and taste the cool breezes!

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