A Report of the Inner Voices of an Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters for seniors User

Serena, a white collar worker in a company specializing in jade, had made a difference in her life with a state-of-the-art means of commuting completely applied in almost every aspect of her life. For those three months, she had already had a very wonderful time with her great partner-an Airwheel self-balancing scooter. Her feelings toward it and her inner voices about it will be explicitly illustrated in the succeeding paragraphs.


Three months ago, Serena’s life was quite a mess. While she got no car of her own and cannot afford to take a taxi every day, her usual way of going to work was taking buses or taking a subway. While the former took much more time to get to the destination, she preferred to go to work by subway. Unfortunately, it was still time-consuming. About 50 minutes in the subway and another 50 minutes walking on the way home or to the office, for there was still a long distance between the entrance of the subway and her home and another between the entrance and the office. Consequently, she couldn’t sleep well and was often reproached by her boss for being late.


Things started to change since she bought herself an Airwheel electric scooter as a birthday present. 50 minutes’ walk time has been reduced to 15 minute or even less riding on a scooter. As for the extra 45 minutes, she could take 30 minutes of them for a good sleep and keep herself at a very good state of mind since the very beginning. And the other 15 minutes guaranteed that she won’t be late, reprimanded by the boss time and time again and worried she might get sacked off at any time. 

There has been a quite amount of workers who are faced with the similar condition as Serena. If you haven’t found a better solution, possibly it is a good choice to try what an Airwheel intelligent scooter could offer you.

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