“Betsy the Border Collie” – An Educational, Interactive App for Children Announced

This incredible app is a children’s book with interactive characters and beautiful illustrations

WHITE PLAINS, Maryland – August 31, 2015 – “Betsy the Border Collie,” an educational, interactive app for children has just been announced. The application was created by 12-year-old programmer, Mark Burnett. The app is a children’s book with beautiful illustrations and interactive characters. “Betsy the Border Collie,” will follow Betsy’s adventures, the first called “Swim Lesson.” It is about the Collie and Border Collie mix learning to overcome the fear of swimming. 

This heartwarming and entertaining story can be read in Six languages, and offers English and Spanish subtitles. To top it off, Betsy will come “alive” in-character on the website to answer readers’ common questions. However, before this app can go live, Mark needs help. That’s why they launched this Kickstarter campaign. The goal of this project is to raise $995 by September 30, 2015. The funds raised will go toward distribution software and programs.

To help bring this innovative app to market, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Perks will be delivered by October 2015.

Please keep in mind this is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the funding goal then the project cannot move forward. So know that any amount given can make a difference, and this is an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special campaign! Help “Betsy the Border Collie” reach the goal by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more people know about this, the more support the campaign will receive.


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Media Contact
Company Name: Betsy the Border Collie
Contact Person: Mark Burnett
Email: mburnett@apdi.net
Phone: 301-893-5039
Country: United States
Website: www.betsythebordercollie.com