The Secret Is In The Mattress: Find Happiness with Happy Beds

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping. While there are those who try to reduce this number for various reasons, sleep plays a crucial part in individual’s overall well-being. From endorsing a proper brain function, emotional and physical health, to aiding and optimizing performance, daytime safety, and supporting growth and development, sleep proves vital. Considering the impact of sleep on well-being, it is alarming how careless the average person is in regards to his/her mattress; after all, a third of one’s life is spent on one.

No wonder, the number of individuals complaining of sleep is increasing at alarming rates. Whether one believes that this may be caused by today’s technological advances, radiation and vibrations released by the now-common devices, or whether this can be solved through the trending “4-7-8” breathing trick, the consensus remains; an old mattress is most likely the problem. Moreover, those who experience sleep problems are also at a higher risk of developing back pain, and other various back problems, once again caused by an uncomfortable mattress.

How To Choose A Perfect Mattress?

Every individual’s perfect mattress is different, as individuals are all unique. For this very reason, Happy Beds offers a large, diverse collection of luxury, all-about-comfort, and even orthopedic beds. Professionals at Happy Beds advise their customers to feel for comfort. In order to determine which mattress fits one best, focus needs to be placed on that individual’s unique preferences. The mattress should also support and reinforce the right sleeping posture. This posture includes maintaining spine alignment, easing the strain on muscles and supporting individual’s natural curves. Moreover, Happy Beds stresses individuals to explore the physical composition of the mattress: the coils, inner springs, padding, and depth.

For those having difficulty choosing, Happy Beds also offers medium-firm mattresses, which are often best for back support and overall comfort as they relieve aches and pains on pressure points and ensure that one’s body has more contact with the matters by allowing for shoulders and hips to gently sink into the mattress. This way an individual wakes up rejuvenated, without soreness or pains. Memory foam and latex mattresses also provide optimized body contact with the mattress as it molds to take the shape of an individual’s body. For those who wish to explore Happy Beds’ extensive collection of beds and find the best fit, has it all!


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