Fashion Photographer Joey Shaw officially awarded as a fashion icon

The famous fashion photographer Joey Shaw just signed a 2 years contract with the Arcadia Management Group in New York.

Joey also wanted in the same contract as a special request the public relations Manager that is following him since many years, Ms Lara Macchi, to join the team.

Together with this deal Joey also has the Arcadia to manage his contract with the XS Publishing Ltd in London for a total amount that is rumored to be around $2.8M a year for the campaigns and some of the fashion editorials.

It was since a very long time that a publishing company was not investing so much in a contract with a famous photographer, probably since the time of Vogue with Richard Avedon.

“We are investing in our future making sure we have the best talents working with us in the same team, and Joey Shaw is one of the most influential fashion icons of our times,” Mr Truman, CEO at the XS said in the last press conference yesterday in London.

Joey Shaw together with his unlimited talent in whatever is image creation, he’s also a contemporary icon for the fashion industry with more than 200K followers on Twitter and more than 25K on Instagram.

Joey has been shooting fashion editorials for 25 years, unforgettable and sometimes shocking advertising campaigns and also he’s well know for his fashion editorials with the celebrities in the Hollywood business where he’s well known and so much loved.

It’s countless the number of celebs that Joey shot a few years before and today they are great stars.

In a fashion world that changed so much, where the internet icons like Mr Shaw and many fashion bloggers became the new trends to follow, we had to find a way to guarantee this point of view for all our readers, keep on saying the XS spokeperson, Ms Linda Lorenzi.

The contract with the Arcadia guarantee the London based publishing company the exclusive campaigns and some of the fashion editorials for some of the magazines of the group from the point of view of a real legend of our time.

This has been recognized like one of the best editorial contracts ever for a fashion photographer in all the editorial history.

It’s not the first time and it’s happening every day that these internet icons with a huge talent in what they do, become much more attractive and interesting than anyone else.

It happened in the last years with people like Scott Schuman, owner of the Sartorialist website and with so many fashion bloggers around the globe every day.

They attract people’s attention like no one else in the business.

And we can’t wait to see the results, one more time.

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