Kids in the House Shares Back-to-School Tips

Well it’s time of year again!  Summer vacation winding down, get those last beach days in while you can, because it’s time to go back to school!  New school supplies, new year, new classmates, new teachers, and a new set of concerns for children of all ages.

Experts say the key to a good school year is to get into good habits and establish them early in order to set the tone for the New Year.  Beverly Hills School clinical psychologist for more than 19 years & best-selling author, Lee Hausner, says there are four basics for academic success.  These are “designated study time, helping children get organized by having a daily planner and then having a long range planner where they have an assignment that may take several weeks.”

“Focus on process, not results… Being positive in terms of looking at things that the children are doing well in school vs. being critical of what they are not doing,” Hausner stresses. CEO and TV Host, Brooke Burke, knows that the back to school mania is just as hard on parents as it can be for kids.  Her tips for back-to-school basics are as follows:

• Book pediatric appointments early
• Make a family calendar
• Online shop
• Create a snack drawer
• Pack lunches the night before
• Create a homework box
• Generic toys in bulk
• Personalized gift stickers
• Washable labels for each kid’s clothes

On top of the academic stresses, there are also the social pressures that come with a new school year.  Just because the school year ended, doesn’t mean the feuds did.   Educational Activist, Jodi Wing, argues it might be harder for girls than boys.

“I call September ‘Mean Girl month’, which means that everyone has sort of taken a stand, they’re coming back in after God knows what happened in June,” says Wing.

She continues, “But you know as high as an anxiety level as they may have, they do have some innate strategies up their sleeve, which they’re ready and able to enact should something sort of arise.” 

Experts encourage staying on top of this and fostering open conversations with your children to avoid things getting out of hand.

So remember: prioritize organization, keep an open dialogue with your children, don’t sweat the small stuff, and you’ll cruise through the new year with no trouble at all!

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