Media Experts Explain The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions by Beginner Designers

It is important for a designer to completely hone into what their client is looking for.
Beginner designers have many simple questions that are relatively easy to answer.

Every website design superstar asked similar questions at some point in their career; they learn, they grow. World class graphic design takes talent, skill, and time to create a piece that is unique to the client. It is important for a designer to completely hone into what their client is looking for. Tip: Use a few of the 5 senses. A beginner designer should look and listen (in detail) to their client’s vision.

Below are five of the most commonly asked questions by beginner designers:

1. What workflow should a beginner designer use? Finding a workflow that works for the designer and the team is a personal choice between boss and employee. It is different for everyone. Someone new to designing should start by researching their role models workflow. It is great to look into what other designers are doing. Why is it that their workflow is operating properly? Experiment. It is going to take time for the designer to find the workflow that works best for them and their team, but experimenting with different approaches will assist in finding a solution quicker.

2. How does a beginner designer accomplish responsive Design? Responsive design is one of the most important aspects of website design. When an individual wants to look at something on their phone and the design of the website is not responsive, they are 40% more likely to abandon the site.

3. Is it important to create a contract for clients? It may seem a bit overkill to create a contract for what may be the most basic site, but a beginner designer should stray away from anything that could burn them. This doesn’t have to involve a lawyer,(although larger accounts may warrant this) a simple written agreement will work just as well.  

4. Where does a designer come up with pricing? This is one of the most difficult questions a freelancer will come across. Calculating a fair price is something that every freelancer has had to struggle with. More often than not, freelancer’s undercharge for the time that was put into their work, but if they overcharge then it’s crucial they have the skill to back up their pricing or they may not have work in the future. One of the many ways to calculate a fair rate is to consider both the expenses and the market that the beginner is in. If a beginner wants more, than a great way of attaining their goals is to make themselves more valuable.

5. Is Finding a Loyal and Productive Team Easy? Short answer, No. This is a challenge for every designer, but if a new designer is lucky, they will have friends they can rely on. If outlets such as Meetup and Behance aren’t working, social media outlets like, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be of use.

Everyone has to begin somewhere, but helpful tips along the way can never hurt. A great piece of advice for any new beginner is, do not be afraid to ask questions. There are many great resources and tools to aid in further education.


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