Cellphun: 2 clever games; 1 phun deck; for all generations!

Inspired by the layout of your smartphone dial pad

Stanton, California – Sep 1st, 2015 – New Startup company, Cellphun LLC is announcing today that it is raising funds to lunch its flagship card game Cellphun on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.com. The goal is to raise $10,000.00 which is the minimum required to get the first production run of Cellphun off the presses and into hands and hearts of those who love to play card games and word games, as well as those who might be curious about a new product that offers multiple games in a format that looks just like their smartphone dial pad where they never saw them before. 

That’s correct. Cellphun does not come by its self. The versatile deck is comprised of two new games, Cellphun and Ding! Where Cellphun is a word game that features fourteen categories and a series of action cards that add to the dynamic of play; Ding on the other hand, is a sequential game that requires the player to legally play an ascending or a descending sequence – hence the name Ding – to move the game to its ultimate conclusion. And when you are down to the second-to-last card of your hand, you declare it by saying ding.

Cellphun LLC is a newly minted startup by Dave Penn of Stanton, CA. Cellphun LLC is introducing its first property, Cellphun, via a crowdfunding campaign that went live on kickstarter.com on 08/25/2015. The versatile deck of cards is intended to reinvigorate the card game playing environment. The familiar layout makes the format is easy to pick up and allows players to immediately explore the possibilities of Cellphun and Ding which come in a very portable deck of 81 cards total. 

Cellphun – Ding! are a new experience that I hope to bring to homes, classrooms and playgrounds everywhere.

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