The MonoShot Is The Selfie Stick For People Who Don’t Want A Selfie Stick

Santa Barbara, California – Zack Cram was faced with a common problem when he started working on the MonoShot, a custom smartphone stand with a bluetooth remote for capturing hands free photos.

“I was at the driving range golfing, and wanted something I could toss in my golf bag to film myself practice with my iPhone,” says the creator. “Everything I looked at was either meant for professional cameras and way too big, or it was a cheap selfie stick and stand that couldn’t really capture the whole picture.” 

Originally only intended for golfers, Zack realized that their were actually limitless applications for his device. Fully extended, your Smartphone camera rests at 5 foot 10 inches above the ground, and it collapses to just 17 inches tall. Also included is a custom spike attachment for using the monoshot on uneven soft surfaces like grass or snow. The universal smartphone mount is very versatile, and even fits large phones like the iPhone 6 plus. Couple those features with the shutter remote that works with android or ios devices, and you have the complete package for filming just about anything with your smartphone or gopro. 

The MonoShot is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter for December delivery. Backers can receive a monoshot for $49 Dollars USD, which will be a 20% discount off retail pricing.

With smartphone camera technology rapidly advancing every year, your average consumer is using their smartphone in place of a DSLR camera a lot more often, as indicated by declining compact and dslr camera sales worldwide. Compact cameras have especially taken a hit, declining from 147 million dollars in 2012, to just 59 million dollars in 2014. Couple this with the explosion of photo sharing apps like instagram and snapchat, and smartphone photography is here to stay. 

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