Popular Evangelist & Author Henry Miranda Releases New Book: ‘A closer Walk with God’

Sep 1, 2015 – After successfully publishing a series of books named ‘You have been warned’, ‘The path to eternal life’ and others that have positively impacted thousands of lives, author and evangelist Henry Miranda has launched his new book ‘A closer walk with God’.

As the title suggests, the book will help readers to develop and maintain a closer walk or connection with God. The book was inspired by the teachings of the Holy Bible, it talks about the presence of God with people in each and every situation even when they think they’re lost and God has abandoned them. During difficult times, when people lose all hope and seem to be alone, the book may help them to see light in the darkness and feel the presence of God with them even in the worst situations. The book will help the reader to listen to God’s voice and behave like a true Christian at all times. The book teaches the valuable lesson about how Christians start to behave like the world when they’re in this world, rather than the right way to behave, like God’s children to feel happy and loved in life.

This book will help readers remember that God is always with them and he always loves and holds them in a bad situation. The author has got the inspiration for this book from the Holy Bible and after thorough and extensive reading and research; he has put suitable scriptures in this book.

The title of the book reflects what’s inside it and this book would provide a beginning to those willing to get closer to God, especially for new Christians who wish to understand God better and have a closer relationship with him.

The book ‘A closer walk with God’ is available at Amazon to help those who are struggling with their faith and losing sight of life. The book will help the reader become more positive in life with its inspirational messages and teachings which can be implemented in daily lives to make it better and happier. For the ones who are going through tough times in life, this book can help them in bringing them out of their negativity.

About the Author

Henry Miranda is an Author, Bible teacher, writer and evangelist. He graduated from La Puente high school in 1963 and became a Christian in 1984 and went on to complete four years of Bible College and earned a Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree @ Christian Leadership University. He has published seven life changing Christian books. He currently lives in San Bernardino, California and believes in always improving himself and incorporating more knowledge about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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