Studies have Proven that Overcoming Drug Addiction through Christian Based Rehabs have longer lasting effects

Studies have proven that a faith based rehab program does have a longer lasting effect and impact, in terms of the recovery of the patient.
Drug addiction is one of the worst kinds of addictions to fall victim to. The drugs a person takes continually take a toll on your body’s physical health as well as mental health.


Simply put, the effects of drug addiction have a direct impact on one’s private and public life. Christian teachings remind us that Christ can and will deliver all from worldly traps and bondage like addiction. By working through his people, Christ’s power gives strength to people to get into and continue walking the path of life free from addiction. Studies have proven that a faith based rehab program does have a longer lasting effect and impact, in terms of the recovery of the patient. Benefits of choosing a Christian based drug rehabilitation program far outweigh the demerits and some of these are explained in the next section.

Benefits of Using a Christian Based Drug Rehab Center

For one, it offers the addict or the patient both traditional rehab programs as well as programs based on the principles of Christian and Bible teachings. The patient is encouraged through Bible teachings and even given relevant biblical examples of people who might have gone through similar ordeals and the problems they suffered. This can be quite inspirational to the patient and only serves to restore the addict on the right path. Christian based rehab centers are not only meant for Christians, but they do accept even non-Christians in their programs. So there is really no discrimination while admitting patients. It’s open for all people who need help overcoming drug addiction.

Faith based programs look at addiction as spiritual and psychological in nature as opposed to the scientific approach which looks at it more like a physical problem. This is a refreshing approach given that drug addiction is something that affects the mind, mood and emotions of a person. It has a direct influence on a person’s decisions and as such should be given a fresh perspective. They also serve to restore lost flock or Christians who had lost their way back to the path of Christianity by strengthening their spirit and reminding them that Jesus accepts everyone who seeks him. Patients are also reminded of bible based teachings they might have forgotten through group and personal Bible studies, worship and counseling from pastors. The group based studies also boosts the patient’s self-worth and self-esteem. These kinds of teachings ensure that the recovery patient’s faith is strengthened and that they retain abstinence and avoid relapse even when they leave the center.

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