New Nightline Service Provides Emotional Support to Students in Denmark

Most of us remember a point in our young adult years when we felt overwhelmed by the challenges of life that involved school, family or friends. You probably had the help of a trusted confidante to ease you through these troubled times. For many young people, there is just no one there for them; without the emotional support they require, many call succumb to serious emotional disorders like depression, substance abuse or, even, suicide. A service called Nightline offers troubled teens and young adults a social safety net which can help them work through their crises.

Nightline is a student-run organization that originated in the United Kingdom and has helped countless collegiate students. In the U.K., there are 36 Nightlines with partnerships with 90 universities, offering services to almost 1.5 million students. A new chapter is set to open in Denmark and will mirror the core principles of the parent organization which include confidentiality, anonymity, non-judgmentality, and non-directionality in both English and Danish. Nightline seeks to provide a safe and unrestricted space for students to openly express themselves without fear of judgment or bullying.

After working with the London branch of Nightline, Julia Florentine has initiated plans to establish a chapter in Copenhagen. With a collegiate community of almost 50,000 students, Denmark is a fertile ground for this type of student-run social service. In order to open this new chapter, the Nightline team will need a Coordinator, Assistant, volunteer training program, office space, and promotional programs, which will cost almost €135,000. In order to raise these funds, Julia and her team have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is asking the international community to support this important and humanitarian project. Not only will you be rewarded with the satisfaction that you are helping to save the lives of Danish students, but you are also eligible for perks like Special Donor status, handwritten Thank You notes, or a meeting with the Coordinator.

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