The War Within: How to Win

People are their own critics and learning how to win the battle over the mind will be solid tool throughout life.
One of the most exhausting wars a person will ever fight is the war within themselves.

People are their own critics and learning how to win the battle over the mind will be solid tool throughout life.When on the road to recovery there will be potholes, mountains, ice, and many other obstacles for someone to work through in order to make it to the other side. There will be times of weakness when someone wants to give up, but persevering through those weak moments will only make an individual stronger. It’s important for a recovering addict to remember why they sought help in the first place and to take a minute to breath and appreciate within themselves the progress that has been made.

A few tips to put an end to the war within:

There was a study done on water. There were two glasses of water, on one glass hateful words like, ugly, worthless, failure, etc. were taped to the outside of the glass, and on the other glass of water encouraging words like, strong, beautiful, treasured, etc.  were taped to the outside. Scientists took microscopic images of the water and noticed that on one glass the images were sharp and jagged and on the other the images were soft and calm. Crazy, right? Well if the human body is made up of 70% water, wouldn’t it be wise to speak positivity over oneself? The second that negative thoughts enter the mind, combat those thoughts. In doing this, there will be a noticeable change within the mind.

Someone who is working through emotions should surround themselves with mentors and positive individuals who will encourage a healthy lifestyle. It’s said that people are the sum of the five individuals they choose to engage with, so for someone fresh out of recovery it’s crucial they choose wisely.

Take a breath. Breaks allow a person to rest and rejuvenate their mind. When the brain can rest and be at peace, take advantage of that time to get excited about the future. People tend to spend their brain power worrying about what can’t be controlled, when instead they could be looking into every aspect of their life through a different lense. Life is meant to be lived. Conquering the mind takes valiant effort, but the great thing is, it’s attainable.

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