Why Hiring a Professional for Copper Re-Pipes Is Necessary

Copper re-pipes pose too large a risk for the average homeowner and should be left to the experts.
If you are in need of a service that handles copper re-pipes, trust Graham Maintenance Plumbing Corp. to get the job done. We are located in Long Beach, CA.

Since the Recession in 2008, more and more Long Beach and Californian homeowners and homebuyers are foregoing hiring professionals for their copper re-pipe services and opting to fix common household repairs themselves.This is a mistake that can cost you, not only financially, but endanger your life as well. Homeowners simply don’t have the accreditation and knowledge required from professional plumbing services and one mistake could mean serious financial and health problems for you and your family. In addition, homeowners are too busy taking care of their families to stay up-to-date on Long Beach municipal and California state safety codes. Copper re-pipes pose too large a risk for the average homeowner and should be left to the experts.

GM Plumbing Corporation is based in Long Beach, California, where the majority of homes were built before the 1980s. Back then, it was common for plumbers to install galvanized steel piping in American homes. However, while originally a cheap and efficient means to keep plumbing costs down Over the years, galvanized steel piping has become a decision which is not only costly to replace, but dangerous to your health as well. As homeowners look for solutions, copper re-pipes have become a popular option that offer long-term viability.

The Problems with Galvanized Piping

There are many problems with galvanized piping such as erosion, corrosion, and the buildup of lead. Galvanized pipes tend to erode over time, losing their protective layer of zinc. Without zinc, galvanized pipes begin to corrode inside-out, leading to the buildup of lead on the inside of the piping, which can be harmful to you and your children’s health. Lead poisoning can lead to many dangerous ailments, including permanent mental disability and premature death, if you have not replaced your lead service lines. Due to this, copper re-pipes are highly recommended for any house that was manufactured before 1980.

However, even if you replace your service lines you can still be at risk for lead poisoning if your galvanized pipes have not been replaced, especially if doing re-piping yourself. Simply touching lead can put you at risk for such symptoms as aggressive behaviour, amnesia, and developmental problems, especially in children and youth. Think of your family and the possibility of lead poisoning and of the thousands of dollars saved on preventing future medical ailments, not to mention, a higher-quality plumbing system that is afforded to you with copper re-pipes.

Why Consider Copper Re-Pipes For Your Home

Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems. While very few homeowners live in houses built after the 1980s, you should seek copper re-pipes for your house. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, copper re-pipes will guarantee the safety of you and your family against lead poisoning, not to mention that copper is a much better, stronger, and more durable material to use. Copper, unlike galvanized steel, is much will not corrode or erode as much as galvanized steel. It is simpler and easier to install, making it easier to repair, and less costly than maintaining a galvanized plumbing installation like the one you might have in your home.

In Long Beach, California, galvanized piping was used after WWII due to intense swells in population, which culminated in a housing shortage. Galvanized steel piping was the standard of the time, while copper piping was thought to be too cost-prohibitive for most homeowners. While the quality of galvanized steel piping was originally quite good, over time, standards slipped and most galvanized steel piping became cheaper and of lesser quality. Copper, on the other hand, while seemingly more expensive to use, was stronger and more structurally sound with a seemingly-infinite lifespan, which makes is a more logical choice over the long-term.

Copper re-pipes is a simple yet extensive process. Professional plumbers will remove all current water piping from your home and replace it with newer, higher quality copper piping. Copper re-pipes ensures your home is protected against corrosion inside the pipes and can also prevent any slab foundation problems you may encounter if your home was built on a slab. Since water is less likely to leak from copper piping, the chance leaks will crack your foundation is smaller as well. Copper re-pipes is the best long-term health solution for you, your family and your home.

GM Plumbing Corps’ Promise

At GM Plumbing Corporation, we know and respect our customers and that means looking out for their health, as well as their bottom line. If you are interested in copper re-pipes, give us a call.  We are a dedicated plumbing company that takes pride in its plumbing installation services. Your family is like a house, built to last forever, and like a house, it needs a solid foundation.

GM Plumbing Corporation is a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company located in Long Beach, California. We specialize in 24/7 Emergency Services and can be reached anytime, at (562)-417-3215. Call us today to learn more about copper re-pipes.

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