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Participants engage various sections of their body through a wide variety of exercises that incorporate the hammock. Aerial yoga provides a fun workout that both beginners and experts can enjoy.
Aerial yoga is a new type of yoga that makes use of a fabric hammock.

Are you tired of those late night jogs and lonely bike rides? Do you find yourself longing for a group activity that is modern and taps into your creative side? Aerial yoga may be just what you are looking for. Whole Life Balance specializes in several types of yoga and we have been working hard to develop a fun and effective aerial yoga program. Who says physical activity can’t be fun?

What Is Aerial Yoga?

Participants engage various sections of their body through a wide variety of exercises that incorporate the hammock. Aerial yoga provides a fun workout that both beginners and experts can enjoy. Most major yoga studios offer multiple levels of aerial yoga and are happy to accept new clients regardless of their skill level.

Aerial yoga engages your body and mind through an innovative type of fitness. First time students leave their first class with smiles on their face and full of happiness. The hardest part of aerial yoga is summoning the courage to try it for the first time. Men and women are welcome in all of our classes and we provide a gender neutral environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle through our fun fitness programs. We also promote a positive atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable regardless of their level of experience.

What You Will Need

When attending your first aerial yoga class, check to see if they provide the fabric hammocks. Most yoga studios will, but it is something that is important to know before you show up, potentially lacking the most important piece of equipment for aerial yoga.

Yoga is best performed in loose and comfortable clothing. For women, Lululemon tends to be a popular brand, while men commonly wear Under Armor. Gloves and socks can be worn, but ensure that they are non-slippery. The last piece of equipment you need is a comfortable pair of running shoes or training shoes that are flexible enough to engage in the various yoga poses.

We recommend that all aerial yoga participants eat a healthy and light meal before engaging in this type of exercise. If you eat a heavy meal, you may suffer from cramps and find it difficult to engage in some of the more complex poses. In extreme cases, certain individuals may suffer from dizziness, nausea, and light-headedness. In addition, come to class with a water bottle and make sure that you stay properly hydrated during your workouts. Aerial yoga may seem relaxed and calm, but it will leave you sweating and in need of rehydration.

Is Aerial Yoga Right for Me?

Aerial yoga welcomes individuals from all walks of life. While most yoga classes tend to be dominated by females, men are fully welcome in any of our classes, and from our experience, men who participate in aerial yoga are happy that they decided to try it.

One of the most common fears with aerial yoga is the assumed complexity of the fabric hammock. This isn’t something that you should be scared of. Students are placed in a class that is appropriate for their skill level in order to ensure that they are put into a situation where they will succeed and enjoy their experience.

Regardless of your fitness level, aerial yoga will help you engage your body in new ways and it will help you work on your flexibility. Basic techniques like aerial lunges, high lunges, and the half boat are easy to perform and will improve your fitness in no time, while advanced poses like the one-legged king pigeon and reclining angle will develop the technique of expert yoga students.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga

As good as something may be, you want to know all the benefits of aerial yoga and why you should consider taking part in it. Some of the benefits include:

• Developing a connection between your mind and body through a type of exercise that engages your athleticism and inner-being

• A type of exercise that is physically beneficial without overworking or stressing your cardiovascular system

• A strengthened core and flexibility that will impress all of your friends. Never again will you struggle to reach for that item at the top of the shelf

• Reduction in stress levels

Say Yes to Aerial Yoga!

Whole Life Balance is a dedicated health studio that specializes in holistic health programs like the infamous I.V. Drip (Myers Cocktail), aerial yoga and pilates programs, and nutritional consulting.

We are located in Santa Monica, California, just west of Los Angeles. If you are interested in our aerial yoga programs, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-540-5714 or by email at

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