Humanity First Expands Vocational Training Programs for Liberian Youth after the Ebola Epidemic

The African nation of Liberia is the oldest democracy on the continent with a rich history and traditions that stretch back more than a century and a half. Currently home to more than four million residents, Liberia – like many of its neighbors – has a large population that lives below the poverty line (85 percent). In the past decade civil war and recently the Ebola epidemic played a very antagonistic role for Liberia’s economic development. Humanity First is working in Liberia to promote personal economic development for Liberian youth by providing vocational training so young people can find meaningful jobs and expand their careers and means of livelihood. More than 800 Liberians have earned certifications as auto mechanics, electricians, construction workers, plumbers and air conditioning repairmen since the Humanity First school was established in 2011.

These graduates were able to attend and complete these vocational programs through educational subsidies supported by international donors and the efforts of volunteers. After completing these programs, these professionals can use these valuable skills to provide services in their communities, thereby earning a living wage for themselves and their families. Many of our graduates went on to find jobs in local corporations established in Liberia such as Liberia Electricity Corporation, Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, and Cellcom Mobile Services, while others established their own businesses. Each vocational training course is six months in length and is 70 percent subsidized.

In an effort to train more students in in-demand areas, Humanity First is planning to add courses in automobile operations and computer literacy. They are also updating labs to provide up to date practical training and refurbishing infrastructure to improve the educational environment. Graduates will be able to perform in a number of lucrative business environments after completing the training in their respective trades.

Humanity First is asking the public to help improve the lives of underprivileged Liberians by investing in their education. A small financial contribution to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will help lift a family out of poverty and buoy an entire community by seeding transferable skills. In addition to receiving enormous satisfaction from helping the needy in this nation, when you donate to this project, you can also receive valuable perks like hats, T-shirts, shirt pins, memorialization plaques, or naming rights to a classroom.

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