KneePh: The World’s First Knee-based Phone Holder

Cambridge, MA – On August 25 2015, Uri Kartoun launched a Kickstarter campaign for KneePh, a wearable mechanism that allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet more conveniently.

“A few months ago, I purchased an iPhone 6. It is a great device, quick and convenient. I realized, however, that when I lie on my back in bed and wish to read e-mails or browse the Internet, my hands quickly grow tired from holding the phone in one hand while tapping on the screen with the other,” the creator shares, “I noticed that although many types of phone holders are available, one that allows an individual to conveniently use a mobile phone or a tablet while lying in bed or on a couch has not yet been created.”

As a result, Kartoun decided to invent one. After many trips to hardware stores and also asking friends to provide feedback by trying several versions of the device, a functional prototype was created. Having used this prototype often, the creator has turned to Kickstarter to improve it further and share it with the world. KneePh is a revolutionary wearable device that allows you to use your phone without straining your arms – or accidentally dropping your phone on your face! Designed with users in mind, KneePh will make using your smartphone on a daily basis much more enjoyable. 

“Previous Kickstarter projects including Manatee and tablift developed solutions to the same problem KneePh attempts to solve, however, such products are expensive and heavy,” explains Kartoun, “KneePh is not only affordable, it is also light so you can carry it with you anywhere you travel to. If you are a parent, you can have your hands free to take care of your baby while your phone is conveniently accessible on your knee.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one KneePh for the early bird price of $12, a double package for $20, or a triple package to share with friends for $24! Backers can also pledge $72 to receive a twelve-pack of KneePh.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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