Airwheel intelligent walkcar self-balancing scooter is a great new vehicle

There are some major kinds of vehicles in cities and each of them has its own pros and cons. As a newly popular transport, Airwheel electric unicycle scooter is getting more and more people’s attention.

Many people think that private car is the most comfortable vehicle and driving is really exciting. They look forward to a car of their own and always envy those who have a car. But some don’t have so much money to afford such an expensive machine, not to mention the gasoline fees and maintenance fees. Taxi is convenient, though not as comfortable as a private car. People can wave at the roadside to get a cab. People don’t have to take care of the car in normal times. However they have to pay a lot of money if they go to work or school by taxi every day. And some people prefer a bike. Of course riding a bike is relaxing and convenient. People feel free riding a bike and getting through the traffic jams. A bike is much cheaper that the above vehicles. It will cause no air pollution to the nature and people get exercised when riding a bike which is good for the health. If it is not hurry, many people would like to ride a bike. And now there is also a emission-free vehicle called electric unicycle scooter.

The intelligent scooter uses electricity as its power to keep running, therefore it is much friendly to the environment. The rider just needs to stand on the pedals of each side and try to keep balance, and then he or she can move on in a fast way. From a far sight, the rider is like standing on a running wheel. It is quite a simple vehicle but with hi-tech inside.

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