Color Run, Run with Airwheel self-balancing two wheel scooters and Dream

Most people knows the famous color run and the spirit it conveys to people. What Airwheel wants to convey to is also the same thing that color run wants to convey to the world.

The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, was founded by Utah native and event producer Travis Snyder in March 2011, in an effort to encourage professionals and novices to run together for fun and to promote healthiness and happiness. Its first event took place in March 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona, with 6,000 participants. The addition of color to the event is heavily inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, as well as day-glow events, such as Disney’s World of Color.

The Color Run has reached more than a triple growth in the number of events held, and more than 300 events hosted in over 50 countries in 2014. Until July 2015, The Color Run has held over hundreds of events worldwide including 112 events held in the United States, 7 in the United Kingdom, 6 in Australia and 4 in China in 2015. With the increasing popularity of the event, The Color Run has introduced the Color Run Night in 2014 which is featured by a 5K run under the dark. Hundreds of similar color-themed running events have launched throughout the United States and internationally. 

The spirit of the color run promoted is keeping simple and healthy which is very important in people’s life. To make life more beautiful and to make life healthier is also the theme of life. The brief concept of living is also the attitude towards life. What’s more, it also shows respect for life. Life is full of various meaning and explanation. Owning one of the Airwheel Q5 electric scooters, people just open the new era of live.

The Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter is equipped with the SONY lithium battery that is imported with original packaging. It has excellent performance in braking. The battery can be recharged for over 1800 times, which is 3.8 times of ordinary ones. What’s more, the lithium battery is more stable and hard to get flamed or exploded. All these make it the perfect transportation tools for people to travel around. The self-balancing scooter leads the fashion trend through the choice of cleaner source. The world is developing at every minute. The Airwheel can combine the traditional concept with the future to create more fashionable products. 

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