Why Airwheel intelligent personal transporter Electric Scooter Becomes So Popular?

Currently, more and more people in the world are using Airwheel electric scooter to get around and this trend appears set to continue. Some people may wonder why such a vehicle can win the favors of users and become increasingly popular. This article is intended to answer that question.

Currently, there are an increasing number of users who travel with an Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. As a new generation of transport, it has won favors from the users, on which some consumers may feel confused. And this article is written for the purpose of clarification of that confusion.


First of all, given that models by Airwheel can travel at a speed of 18 km per hour and have a range of up to 48 km, they are able to get riders to and from work under common circumstances. Riders won’t have to worry about the power issue or stop to have the vehicle recharged as long as the electric scooter is fully recharged ahead of time. What’s more, they are portable enough to bring onto public transports should the users have a long commute. Unlike those foldable bikes, Airwheel electric scooters are easy and light to carry. Apart from that, when riders arrive at their destinations, there is no need for them to find a parking lot. All they need to do is carry the vehicle to their office and put it by the desk or in the bag, which saves a lot of trouble and money for the users. After all, it is not cheap to park a vehicle in a big city.


What’s more, since mobile phones are closely related with our life, people tend to connect everything in life with their phones so that they can keep track. In order to fulfill that desire of users, Airwheel has developed a mobile app exclusively for the intelligent scooter. Users have to download the app from the official website of Airwheel and then connect the vehicle with their phones. After that, they will be able to monitor all the real-time data on the phone and make necessary adjustments according to the actual condition. 

By virtue of great performance and innovative design, Airwheel electric scooter becomes the favorite transport of many consumers. 

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