Airwheel A3 Sitting-posture 2 wheel electric scooter Counts as a New Generation of Green Transport

At present, urban people are faced with severe environmental problems that have become a threat to their survival. Therefore, there is a pressing need to look for a fashionable, safe, practical and yet eco-friendly way of transportation. And here it is, Airwheel electric scooter riding.

Currently, severe urban problems are substantially affecting the life condition of common people, such as serious traffic congestion, global warming caused by exhaust emission and air pollution, increasingly fierce competition over parking lots, rising gas price, etc. As a result, people are in desperate need of a fashionable, safe, practical, low-carbon and eco-friendly transport for their daily travel. With consistent efforts, Airwheel has launched its electric scooters to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Airwheel intelligent scooters, characterized by fashion, safeness, high-tech and eco-friendliness, is powered by electricity, a kind of clean energy source, thus generating no exhaust while running on the road. It adopts the lithium-ion batteries imported from Sony, which transcend others in terms of quality and lifespan. Compared with other batteries, the batteries mounted on Airwheel electric scooters are more stable and safer, which will neither burn nor explode under normal circumstances. Apart from that, since it is equipped with magnetic levitation motor, the transport will not produce any noise during the ride, which counts as environmentally friendly in a comprehensive angle. In this way, it fully guarantees the health of riders and others, thereby contributing to the improvement of urban environment. If this kind of vehicle can be well promoted, there is no doubt that many urban environmental problems will be solved then.

What’s worth mentioning, the latest model by Airwheel – A3, is mounted with an electronic brake system rather than the traditional brake system. In other words, the self-balancing scooter is stopped via electronic control instead of mechanical driving, which is actually safer for the users. This kind of setting is able to avoid untimely operation by the users, thus guaranteeing their safety. 

As a part of the city, everyone is closely related to the city environment. In order to have a better life, people shall do their best to make contribution to the environmental protection. Instead of driving an energy-consuming car, they can choose a green transport as a substitute.

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