Colinda Aldridge’s “Emotions” Series Offers Insightful, Powerful Poetry that is Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Since the dawn of civilization, people have strived to bridge the emotional distance with others by using evocative language. The most successful and celebrated of these have been called poets, and each generation produces new masters of the art form that illuminate the power of words.One of the emerging talents of our times is Colinda Aldridge who has produced a series of books entitled “Emotions” that contain her most powerful and beautiful poems. Since the loss of her sister more than a quarter century ago, Colinda has been creating prose and poetry that has inspired heartbreak, joy and all of the other emotions that are attached to life.

These awe-inspiring literary works will open up new ways of thinking and shine a spotlight on the human condition. Readers will finish each book with a new personal lexicon for expressing their thoughts and feelings, and will crave the next book in the four volume “Emotions” series. For those who want to immerse themselves in the full audio experience, Colinda is also producing the entire series on CDs.

To bring these beloved works to a larger audience, Colinda Aldridge has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Funds from this campaign will be used to create a website, publish the four books in the “Emotions” series, produce a CD version, and market these products. Backers of this campaign can take pleasure in knowing that they have added beauty to the lives of new readers of the “Emotions” series, and are eligible to receive valuable perks like the entire “Emotions” series, Facebook mentions, T-shirts, signed volumes, sweatshirts, and CDs.

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