Things to Know When Considering a Water Restoration

When a home or business owner experiences water damage, it is usually unexpected, extensive, and usually expensive to fix.
Graham Maintenance Plumbing Corp. is an experienced plumbing company with many years of expertise in water restoration.

No one enjoys water damage caused by floods or leaks. They are expensive to fix and can devastate your family’s quality of life. When a home or business owner experiences water damage, it is usually unexpected, extensive, and usually expensive to fix. Water damage occurs when water penetrates into the structural cavities of a building, creating trapped pockets of saturation that can cause some potentially serious problems like structural damage, mold, and electrical shortages. According to the American Insurance Association, water damage is the second most filed insurance claim in the United States.

Isolate the Leak

In Southern California alone, roughly forty percent of homeowners have filed a loss or claim due to water damage, which in turn accounts for over twenty percent of all reported property losses in the region. An ill-placed crack in the foundation that only measures an eighth of an inch can still let in at least 250 gallons of water a day. Once a leak or flood has been discovered, proper water restoration becomes essential, and knowing what steps to take and which services to contact can make all the difference between a relatively minor nuisance and an expensive major restoration.  Here are some helpful water restoration tips every home or business owner can utilize immediately to reduce the extent of water damage.

Minimize the Damage

First of all, find the source of the leak and block the flow of water at the source if it is noticeable and safe. If possible, move any appliances or electronics to a safer place as soon as possible. Secondly, make sure to provide constant airflow to the damaged area. Constant airflow will help prevent the spread of mold as it thrives in moist environments. Throughout the water restoration process, remember to take active steps to protect yourself with hand and eye protection and contestant ventilation. Once those basic steps have been taken, it is best to let the professionals take over.

Water Restoration Certification

Any professional plumbing company you hire should have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as its certifying body for practical and reliable methods of water restoration. For instance, the IICRC employs methods of categorization for both the different kinds of water present in a flood or leak ranging from ‘clean’ to ‘grossly unsanitary,’ as well as a method of categorizing the extent of flood damage. The different levels range from class one, which refers to damage to one room, to class four, which refers to water levels that reach upwards of twenty-four inches.

Quality First

As a home or business owner, it is important to know what to do in the event of flood or leak. Water damage and the process of water restoration comes part and parcel with the implication of loss of property. Depending on the extent of the damage, a property owner may find it necessary to spend a little more money on well done water restoration rather than cutting costs and contracting shoddy work.

For instance, a class four flood denotes that the whole structure will have to be replaced from insulation, walls, and ceilings to flooring. Drying out or replacing the structure will avoid the possibility of building on top of dry-rot materials, which is both structurally unsound and unsanitary.  Companies like GM Plumbing have services intended exclusively for the purpose of moisture measurement as the IICRC dedicates that water restoration cannot start unless the moisture level has dropped below sixteen percent. Water restoration also implies aggressive cleaning to make sure that mold does not grow. It is also important for a property owner to recognize what items have to be thrown out after a flood as a part of water restoration. Keeping personal items that may have absorbed contaminated flood or leak water like furniture, linens or clothing can be just as hazardous as failing to replace contaminated drywall and insulation.

Trust the GM Plumbing

Proper water restoration is an essential step in the reconstruction of damaged property following a substantial leak or flood. Water restoration ensures that the property is safe, both structurally and hygienically. Companies like Graham Maintenance Plumbing Corp specialize in water restoration and have helped thousands of property owners in Long Beach and other parts of California. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.

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