“Carpenter ants may become household pests by foraging for food indoors. The diet of carpenter ants includes living and dead insects, meat, fats and sweets of all kinds, including honeydew from aphids and nectar from plants. Foraging workers collect all th”
Carpenter ants are one of the most common species of ants in the Seattle area and typically live in large colonies that consist of a main nest and many satellite nests. The majority of satellite nests are found in spaces between walls, in hollow doors, in spaces around windows and in foam panels. The ants are drawn to moist wood that has become soft due to age, moisture damage or the effects of termites and other insects.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – AM/PM Exterminators offers services that are saving Seattle area residents thousands of dollars in repairs due to black carpenter ant damage.

An infestation of carpenter ants will often go unnoticed until it is rather large. At this point, Washington area homeowners will often see piles of wood debris in areas near nests and may even hear the ants moving inside of wood structures. Nearly always, winged black ants will be seen inside of the home when the infestations become large.

While carpenter ants do not eat wood, their burrowing habits can wreak havoc on the interior structure of homes, causing damage that diminishes a house’s value and requires costly repairs. Because black carpenter ant colonies are usually not detected until they are large, most homes will suffer at least mild damage due to a colony.

Some homeowners will try to eliminate ants using chemical pesticides and boric acid sold in stores, but often, these methods of black carpenter ant removal are ineffective.

As Daniel Hunts of AM/PM Exterminators explains, “The problem with DIY black ant removal products is that homeowners rarely are able to locate the main nest on their own. They may be able to successfully eliminate a satellite nest, but when the main nest is left untreated, the ants will just return or enter another part of the home. In order to completely get rid of black carpenter ants, it’s necessary to treat the main nest and all satellite nests.”

With their professional ant removal services, AM/PM Exterminators successfully eliminates the entire colony of black carpenter ants from the home and the surrounding areas. “We don’t just treat the ants and leave. We also determine what entry point the ants used to get inside and ensure that our clients understand how the infestation happened, so that they can take steps to prevent reinfestation,” Hunts stated.

When black carpenter ants are treated promptly, the risk of structural damage is diminished, so homeowners who suspect the presence of black carpenter ants are urged to seek professional assistance. AM/PM Exterminators is currently offering black carpenter ant inspection and removal services throughout King County, Washington, serving the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, Everett, Bothell and Issaquah.

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