Creative Inc. Offers SEO Services: Powered by Small Businesses

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – September 3, 2015 – Creactive Inc., a start up search engine optimization company specializing in online marketing and website design, is currently helping small businesses reach their fullest potential. By utilizing specific keywords, creating custom content, constructing high quality links, analyzing results, and keeping up with changes in the market, Creative will increase the amount of visitors clicking on their clients’ web pages.

According to Ross Malaga, an Associate Professor for the School of Business, at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey, 83% of of users never scroll past the first page of results when using a search engine. In order to guarantee a spot for a company on the search engine’s first page, Creactive works closely with their clients to ensure their website is accessible and mobile friendly. The techniques Creactive uses improves a site’s online visibility, and dramatically increases the likelihood that the webpage will be found by potential customers.

Although it is a new start up company, Creactive inc. is growing rapidly because their customer service is of the highest quality, and their web design team works closely with all of their clients. Since original and custom work is our speciality, our websites will always consist of solely organic content. During a presentation at the at the Software & Information Industry Association’s ROI of Organic Search conference in New York, Alex Bennert, a Wall Street Street Journal chief search strategist, stated, “Publishers must pay attention to SEO because 85% of searchers click through on organic query results. Studies show that searchers trust organic listings more than paid search ads and are the most relevant site visitors.”

Overall, Creactive is unparallelled by any other SEO company, due to the fact that their primary goal is to portray each company precisely the way they want to be viewed by the public. Personally working with each company enforces the idea that all work is custom and original, which guarantees that the webpage will reach its full potential.

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