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To Make Or Break A Brand: The Secrets of SEO

Everyone understands the importance of ranking #1 on Google, especially for increased website traffic and results. The methods by which to rank #1 on Google however, has been heavily debated, and often comes as a mystery to many. The exposure delivered by ranking first is of course due to a well-perfected Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan. Unfortunately, few understand what an SEO entails, how it works, or even, what it can do for your website.

So what are some of the perks SEO can provide? The obvious answer is visibility, after all, you rank first and are most likely to be chosen. However, what is visibility good for if relevancy is lacking? Relevancy comes hand in hand with visibility, especially for brands providing services and products. A well-developed SEO plan includes the identification and use of relevant keywords to attract not only increased traffic but also relevant and convertible users. When the right users find the right website, results are delivered.

Sales via mobile devices are at an all-time high. For many, mobile searches and results present an immense potential, while, for others, it is a lost opportunity. Fortunately, as mobile use is becoming more prevalent, even those who fail to follow Google mobile algorithm updates, do not have mobile compatible website, or even conduct weak keyword campaigns, are turning around and utilizing SEO campaigns to dig into the piece of the mobile sales pie.

SEO can not only widen your audience reach, but it can also condense it. Local businesses are onto SEO’s perfectly crafty powers to target and attract desired groups, and from specific locations. Even an independent, mom and pop dinner or artisan boutique can use local SEO techniques to drive targeted traffic, thus saving money and increasing sales.

The influence of the digital age on sales and marketing has removed all options but to utilize SEO or fall to the bottom of the Google, and even risk the success or vitality of a brand. With the predominance of SEO, and to shine light onto its hidden secrets, iNexxus a digital marketing agency with Fortune 500 clients such as Ford Motor Company, SONY, Corona Beer and PlayStation, has developed a free, limited time offer, SEO guide. The guide presents concise and comprehensive strategies for any brand to increase their visibility, relevancy, traffic, and includes methods for mobile and local SEO. Receive your free SEO guide today on iNexxus’ new search engine optimization services page; all you need to do is sign up!

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