The new version of Smartie Mirror, the ‘Sense Mirror’ is all set to be announced on Infocomm 2015

After the successful campaign for ‘Smartie Mirror’, the team of Innoviesoft is all set to introduce ‘Sense Mirror’ at Infocomm 2015, Dubai with more advanced features. The huge response and great feedbacks from the customers has inspired the company to improve the product and add even better features to it and finally come up with the advanced product, the Sense Mirror.

With the new ‘emotional recognition’ technology, the ‘Sense Mirror’ is ready to change the ways of home automation for better. This new feature will recognize the emotions of the user who stands in front of it and also provides mood enhancing suggestions like playing music and more based upon the emotions.

Another great feature of the new digital smart mirror is the ‘Virtual Makeover’ which lets the user try various hair colors, hairstyles, eye-makeup, eye shadows, lipsticks and much more which helps the user in choosing the best suited product for them.

The Sense mirror is a complete home automation system as it can also control lightings, air conditioning, ventilation, security locks of gates and doors to provide comfort and convenience. The mirror also provides traffic information and best way to chose to head towards a particular destination. It also schedules reminder for tasks, events and actions intended for particular times.

Sense Mirror works by syncing with the user’s smartphone or tablet and lets them access their wardrobe from anywhere. The advanced Sense Mirror acts as a personal stylist by giving wardrobe suggestions and also allows tracking the whole wardrobe.

Whenever the user buys a new garment and wants to add it to the already store list of inventory, the camera attached the mirror will scan the new item automatically and add it to the inventory. The mirror also allows the user to receive social media updates and feeds and connect to family members and friends through video chat.

The Face recognition technology identifies the user and displays their dashboard. No more efforts are needed to view the rear of the dress as the wireless camera attached to this mirror lets the user view their rear side easily.

Not only this, the mirror also turns into a camera for taking awesome selfies keeping all the focus on posing and not on holding the mobile camera at right angles. The mirror also provides e-mail and social media notifications along with an option to video chat with friends and family.

The mirror is created keeping the world users in mind and that’s why it comes with multiple language support. In other very useful features it offer, this fully secured mirror also lets the user view their baby in their room.

The mirror acts as a personal assistant, stylist and complete home automation system by providing multiple features to make the lifestyle more convenient and comfortable.


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