Duettos Revolutionizes Games Industry by Developing Personalized Versions of Dominoes and Sudoku

There are few truly innovative ideas in the table top games industry. Games like chess and Monopoly have remained essentially unchanged since their creation many years ago. However, new games company Duettos has introduced a startlingly intriguing new concept that not only makes even staid, old games like dominoes new and more exciting – customization. By creating game pieces that carry images of personal interest like family members, Duettos has made these old standbys fun and heartwarming.

Duettos first launched when they rolled out the Duettos Memory Game, which helped exercise players’ minds by using 36 or 72 paired cards with images submitted by the owner. This quickly became a commercial success, and Duettos is now prepared to build on this success by using similar imagery for dominoes and Sudoku. In the Duettos version of dominoes, there are 36 pieces that each carry two of eight images, allowing players to match images in various ways. The Sudoku game uses a total of nine images which must be strategically placed on a 9×9 board.

The appeal of these Duettos games is almost universal. Consumers only need to submit some choice photos to the company and they soon have an exciting game that pits players against one another, but also inspires powerful memories. Duettos games have quickly become popular gifts to commemorate important occasions like weddings, birthdays and retirements.

While the Duettos Memory Game has already reached the market, the dominoes and Sudoku games are still in development. Duettos has asked its fans to consider supporting their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which will raise funds to help secure materials, production tools and promotions for these new projects. In return, backers can obtain valuable perks and reserve early editions of the new games; available to backers are the Domino game, Memory game, and multiple game bundles. For those unable to financially support this campaign, please consider sharing this campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more about Duettos, or to make a pledge, please visit http://bit.ly/1LUvEsS

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