FurMom, starts a fund raising campaign to support its goal of helping the ‘fur family’

FurMom is a pet supply, gift shop and lifestyle site which works in collaboration with non-profit rescues to post lost/found pets on its website and promote adoption. To achieve their goal of helping and supporting pet and stray animals and to grow their business they have started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $2500.

The aim of the site is to find loving homes foranimals in need and also help lost animals find their way back home. The site provides information on local animal related events; contains a lost/found section for animals and also offers gifts for the furry family members in their lives.

Inspiration to start this community came to the founder when she found and rescued her dog Cooper and his bunny brother Niblet as well. The website offers a chance for people to share the rescue story of their pet and be featured on FurMom.com

To grow this idea as a business and pet community requires some financial assistance, which the crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter will help. The funds raised from the campaign will be used for trade marking the name ‘FurMom’ and to create an LLC. It’ll also be utilized to procure proper business licensing and start up merchandise for sale and promotion.

The creators will be using social media, radio and local events to promote and popularize their business. They were recently seen on a Northern California morning news program and were well received. The makers plan to introduce a product in the FurMom store where proceeds will be dedicated to local pet charities, thus, working as not just a businessbut a community to support animal organizations in need. Their goal is to see people and pets wearing items saying “Proud FurMom,” and “My FurMom Loves Me.” By partnering with local non-profits, the company will also help people find their lost pets and promote adoption thus, giving a new life to stray animals. Along with that, the users will be able to buy gifts and merchandises for furry members of their family.

The company will also allow people to post lost and found information on their Facebook page. The websites’ lost and found section displays helpful guidelines provided by the American Humane Society on how to deal with lost and found pets, which could be of huge help to people.

People will also be able to start a local fund raiser, adoption day or community event by submitting their entries for the ‘Upcoming Events’ section on the website.

The founders have urged people to contribute and share the campaign as much as possible to help execute this noble cause successfully.


Media Contact
Company Name: FurMom
Contact Person: Tracy Butler
Email: tracy@furmom.com
Phone: 916-900-8960
Country: United States
Website: FurMom.com