Tiny Texas Houses, a project which built more than 80 houses made with 95% pure salvage material

The project was started nine years back with an aim to create 100 houses from pure salvage material to prove that sustainable non toxic houses can be built. Of that, 80 houses are successfully completed now and it is time to share the results. According to the project, the most recent statistics have shown that 51% of the landfills are composed of building materials. The same salvage material is used in created these amazing houses which has the power to change the lives of many people across the world.

The tiny houses are not exactly ‘tiny’ but space efficient as they’re made using space magic, the term referred to making small spaces seem bigger through special techniques. These houses use Venturi effects to cool themselves, have high efficiency insulation, and enable someone to live on or off grid in comfort, or with minimal energy consumption if on the grid. The eco friendly houses are also free from toxins and organic in nature.

Most importantly, the creator intends to get this 95% Pure Salvage built plans for free to all the groups that help people, that means to those who need empowerment and housing the most will get the means to succeed using this concept for free.

The owner of this project has a goal of creating 30 building plans, the giant book on how to modify the plans to fit the pieces and parts of the salvage others may find so that they can adapt it to the plans they like most. This will be needed because windows and doors will not always be of the size used in the plans. It will also tell people how to get the salvaged materials at affordable cost, or for nothing more than human energy. The examples will be presented in various colored picture form, including the images of other houses besides the 30 in the plans. The concept named as Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is aimed to spread a new way of building toxin free sustainable housing around the world. The creator hopes to use this campaign to reach the groups who help the elderly, the homeless, handicapped, and the disadvantaged at no cost to the organizations, not even the shipping, so that they can provide them to those they seek to empower, house, and help.

The book will also contain various stair and ladder plans, different kitchen and bath layouts, so that one can use a building plan but swap out other elements inside. Apart from the building plans, the book also tells about how to get salvage materials and how to use them efficiently.

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